In today's fashion and retail landscape, it's rare to come across something like Mayle that - without any real business plan or marketing efforts or financial backing - becomes one of the coolest, most sought-after fashion brands around, almost immediately. The longchamp outlet appeal of Jane Mayle's feminine, subtly vintage-inspired designs, and the store on New York's Elizabeth Street out of which they were sold from 1999 to 2008, is tough to put into words. But it inspired an obsession among low-key celebrities, like Sofia Coppola, Kirsten Dunst and Maggie Gyllenhaal, fashion girls, and the first editors of this very website, who wrote about the brand frequently and enthusiastically. Much of the brand's success seems to owe to the fact that Mayle, a London-born former model, never considered herself a fashion designer in the traditional sense and, admittedly, barely knew what she was doing when she opened the store with her then-boyfriend in 1997. As it grew and evolved, Mayle never lost an ounce of that ray ban replica authentic feel through to the day she shuttered it in 2008. Eight years later and thanks to a couple of longtime devotees, Mayle is back with a more grown-up aesthetic - and name; it's now Maison Mayle - a business partner, and Barneys as an exclusive launch partner. We caught up with the cheap ugg boots designer about how she honed her aesthetic, built a brand on little more than intuition and attracted a cult following, why she needed to "take a breather" from it, and the process of starting over in a very different fashion landscape.


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  Do you make all types of patress plates in all sizes?
 Most types of wall tie plates are only available in one size except The Bulls Eye the Machined Mild Steel and Shambles Cross ones.

  Have the patress plates got threaded holes in them?
 No, they have a hole that has enough clearance, 28mm, to fit out bars through them.

  Can we have the wall tie patress plates galvanised?
 Yes, it will add an extra cost compared to the standard price of a patress plate as well as taking longer to supply

  Do you make stainless steel wall tie plates?
 No, we can supply stainless steels nuts and accessories though.

  Do you make bespoke designs?
 Occasionally but the patton work involved is expensive for just a few patress plates.

  Is the bar fully threaded?
 It can be but only in Zinc plated and up to 3 meters in length.

  How much thread do you put on each end of a bar?
 Usually 5 - 6 inch's per end.

  Can we have the bars in smaller sections for access?
 Yes, with jointing nuts to fit them together.

  How do you measure between the outer faces of the building?
 Drill holes in the wall where you are intending to have them measured. Measure through each hole and then add the
 wall measurements to the internal dimension.

  Can I use the existing beams as a means of holding the walls in?
 Yes, you can do this by using our joist straps - Click here for illustration.

  What sizes patress plates and bar diameter do I need?
 You can guess or ask advice from a structural engineer - We would suggest you do the latter.

  What lengths of bar can you supply / ship?
 Up to 6 meter lengths are possible but with a surcharge. If you keep the maximum length to 3 meters there is no surcharge.

  Do you keep wall tie patress plates and bars in stock?
 Yes we do. The bars are cut and threaded to your specific requirements.

  How long will delivery take?
 Overnight delivery is available. Items are normally dispatched within a few days of receipt of cleared payment.

  Where do you ship to?
 Wall tie patress plates can be shipped to Europe, USA, and Australia. Bars can only be shipped to most of U.K

  Do you have a leaflet?
 All of our up to date information can be found on this website. Price lists can be sent out on request.

  What information do you need to give me a quote?
 You can visit our Quote page on this website or you can Contact Us.
 We will need the following to give you a price -
    Type of wall plate(s)
    Size of wall plate(s)
    Quantity of wall plate(s)
    Length of bar(s) - outside to outside wall dimension if you using wall ties
    Quantity of bar(s)
    Quantity of nut(s) / washer(s)
    Plus any special requirements.

  Can I use different size bar on any patress plates?
 You can use M16, M20 or M24 on any of our patress plates. We can also supply stepped washers for M16 and
 M20 bar to accommodate the 28mm centre hole in our patress plates.
  Which wall tie patress plates are cheaper?
 Machined mild steel wall tie plates are cheaper but tend to be less decorative than cast patress plates.

  Do I need to put anything between the patress plates and the wall?
 We suggest bedding the patress plates on mortar to ensure an even pressure on the wall.

  How do I know how many ties I need to have and how close together they should be?
 A structural engineer is the best person to tell you this.

  Should I paint the patress plates before I fit them?
 You can not have too many coats of paint.

  How do I protect the threads from rusting?
 Wrap the threads in 'Denso' tape before assembly.

  Does the galvanised bar react with the cast patress plates?
 The patress plates will not be in contact with the galvanised bar ends / threads if you wrap the bar ends / threads in
 'Denso' tape.

  Can I collect the items rather than having them delivered?

Do you have agents in the U.K or other countries?
 No, we supply directly.

  If the wall tie patress plates are for a listed building do I still have to pay VAT?
 Unfortunately, yes.

  Do I need joint nuts or turnbuckles to join bars together?
 Joint nuts are purely for jointing. Turnbuckles are for tightening. You can also tighten with the outside domed nuts.

  If I can not give you an accurate dimension for the overall length from both walls
  can you provide bars which will accommodate a bit of variation?

 We can supply most of the bar as galvanised with a 1 meter length of fully threaded Zink plated area to fit
 at one end, which can be shortened if required.