Should art ever be made from human skin? It used to be serial killers like Ed Gein, the real life model for Alfred Hitchcock's Norman Bates, who made themselves skin trophies. Today, there are more legitimate ways of getting hold of human skin to make art. Instead of louis vuitton outlet murdering and skinning people, you can grow an epidermis in a lab. But is the resulting art any less creepy? In this year's Central St Martins degree show, Tina Gorjanc is showcasing a proposal to create handbags and other designer accessories from the skin of the celebrated couture prada replica designer Alexander McQueen, who died in 2010. Gorjanc has filed a patent for the method that would grow cell cultures from his DNA, extract skin cells, and tan the resulting remake of McQueen's skin into leather for luxury goods. Wow. And yet this is not the first attempt to grow celebrity flesh in the name of art. Italian artist Diemut Strebe has already regrown a living "clone" of Van Gogh's ear with DNA obtained from a member of the ralph lauren outlet Van Gogh family. Scientists who have commented on Gorjanc's idea say it is theoretically possible - although it would be difficult to produce enough McQueen skin to make a full accessories line. Are we entering the era of cloned celebrity art and sculptures, not to mention clothes, made with people's skin? And if so, what are the ethics of this? Way back in the 1990s, art already seemed poised to enter the realm of the ray ban replica dead. After Damien Hirst won the 1995 Turner prize for his vitrines containing the bisected bodies of a mother cow and her calf, where could he go next? Was he about to put a human body on view? In the event, he never stepped over that line.


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  Size available - 10" x 1 ¼".

  28mm diameter centre hole.

  Finished in a matt black paint. Can be
    galvanised to special order.

  Made in cast Spheroidal Graphited Iron
    ( Ductile Iron ) grade 27/12.

  Stock item.
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